Sharing the Obsession

I’ve done it now. Introduced Mah Jongg to Claire. Carter has known how to play since she was practically a baby as I sometimes needed her to sit in. Claire has wanted to learn since she likes games of all kinds.

This afternoon I gave Claire a lesson. She was methodical at learning what the tiles were. She had little trouble learning how to read the card. She took right to it.

Carter, Claire and I played a game before dinner. We took a quick break to eat dinner outdoors on the perfect night to enjoy the spring weather. Russ cleaned up so the three Mah Jongg players could return to the table. Carter and Claire both won a game and now are hooked.

I had to retire and left them at the game table plying Siamese Mah Jongg. I might have created a problem by sharing this obsession. I am planning on going to Boston to teach their friends. As long as they promise to still go to work I can think of worse things to do. Mah Jongg is good clean fun.

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