Welcome to Durham Claire

Carter and Claire arrived today for a four day visit. It is Claire’s first visit to Durham and we are very excited to show her the place Carter hails from. They took a very early morning flight. They said they met at Logan at 5:30 in the morning, which makes me tired just thinking about it.

I picked them up at the airport and on the way home Carter and I told Claire about some of the things she would see on the way to our house. Our favorite thing we described is the ugliest house in the neighborhood. As we rounded the corner near it I just said, “Look to your left.”

“Oh my, so much worse than you described.”

Once at home Carter had a good reunion with Shay, introducing her to Claire who has a sweet doodle named Norman. Thankfully shay took right to Claire. We gabbed for a while, then had a little tour of the garden where I harvested some arugula and lettuce for our strawberry salad lunch.

Carter took Claire downtown to Russ’ office and showed her American Tobacco Campus and the Bulls Park. Carter had a two hour zoom conference she took from Russ’ office. I met them all downtown for a quick dinner at Dashi.

The very early day was catching up with them and me by association. Russ had been up since three, but that is normal for him.

We are calling it an early night so we can go the the farmer’s market in the morning and then get some good game playing in. At last I have another game lover in the family. Thrilled to have Claire here to encourage game playing. Tomorrow Mah Jongg lessons will be given and at least a few games of Catan. Can hardly wait.

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