What a Mistake

I awoke to the prospects of free rainy day ahead of me. Carter and Claire are coming for a four day visit tomorrow. I want to make sure everything in the house is clean so I got out the robot vacuum and set it lose. I scrubbed the kitchen counters and dusted the dining room table. I doubt we are going to sit at the big table for twelve when we are only four, but I want to remove any visible dust, not just for Carter and Claire, but for me. I am happier when there is no dust.

As I went about my day inside the rain started to subside and I saw an opportunity to get out in my garden before the rain came back. I was taking stock of my green beans sprouting, noting how many beans did not come up at all so I could get a new bean from the packet to replace the failed one, when my phone rang.

It was one of my Mah Jongg students, whose house I have been teaching at. “Dana, are you on your way?”

“Sarah, Oh NO, I have you in my calendar for tomorrow. ”

We had changed the date for her her class and I did not have it right in my calendar. I have never missed a class before. I have never even been late.

“I am getting in the car right now,” I said. “I will be there is half an hour.”

In my gardening and cleaning clothes I drove to Raleigh. On the way I called Sarah back and asked to be put on speaker phone. I apologized profusely and then gave the class some instructions on something I was planning on teaching them tomorrow.

By the time I had arrived the class members had each down loaded the app I wanted them to, created user names and shared them with each other. Thank goodness my terrible gaff gave them some time to do that. I told them they all could come to new card class for free next year.

We started the class 42 minutes late, but everyone stayed almost an extra 42 minutes and got their full three hours of instructions. It was no consolation for my mistake and their lost time. Bless these sweet ladies who were so kind to me after I made them wait.

Thank goodness I was home just working when Sarah called. I am going to double check all my classes at the beginning of each week for a while now. I can’t endure a mistake like that ever again.

One Comment on “What a Mistake”

  1. Susan Ketch says:

    My motto as I age, “Forgive yourself and move on”. It helps…

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