Setting a Goal

Working is really getting in the way of my needlepointing. And don’t get me started on quilting. I haven’t sat down at the sewing machine in months. Thank god it wasn’t too cold a winter and we didn’t all need many new quilts. Not that I quilt for comfort, but for art.

I recently started a giant multi-year needlepoint project. I am making seat cushions for my game table chairs. I am free hand needlepointing four different flowers, one per chair. I started with the easiest flower using a fabric that is on another chair as the inspiration for my flowers. I had to size the flower up to be one big dramatic bloom.

The canvas is so large I have to roll it up like a giant roll of wrapping paper when I am not working on it. Today was one of the first days I have had time to run by Chapel hill needlepoint to pick out a color I needed to go between the round parts.

I wish I had time to work hours on this canvas everyday, but I don’t. I need to set a time goal to get it finished, perhaps before we leave for Maine. I am worried that when I get to doing the background it will be so boring I won’t push through. My friend Michelle suggested I just do one side of the flower and then the background on that side so I break up the background into two halves. I like that idea. I think I could finish half the flower in the next two weeks.

I’m putting that out in the universe. Maybe that’s all I need to do is hold myself accountable through the blog. So here is a photo of where I am today. I’ll report back in two weeks.

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