I Hate Inefficiency

I really should have been an efficiency expert. I remember reading Cheeper by the dozen and loved that the father was an efficiency expert. It is so hard for me to watch people wasting time, or steps or movements.

When I plan my teaching days I try and have as little time between classes as possible. So I standardize the times I teach. Nine to noon is the morning class. One to four is the afternoon and six to nine PM is the the night. Every once in a while I break down and let people pick their own times. I really should not let that happen because then it just leads to me wasting time.

Today I had a class in Raleigh at 11-2. This was a moment of weakness on my part letting them change their time. Turns out to have been a bad idea for them too because a bunch had to miss class.

The problem with a class from 11-2 is I had four hours until my six PM class. I planned to eat my lunch/ dinner combo them, but still it was a lot of time to kill. I hate shopping, but I did need to pick up some organic fertilizer for my garden so I did that. I thought ahead of who I will need a birthday present for and shopped for that friend a month in advance.

Other than those errands I could think of nothing else that had to be done. So I went to set up for my second class an hour early and did some work while I waited.

I hated feeling unproductive. Not that I was, but it felt that way. I have so much to do at home and if I had scheduled better I could have gotten more done at home and not had time to kill away from home.

So lesson learned. No adjusting class times. I offer them when they fit in my calendar. I can’t let work drive me crazy because I am not being efficient. Productivity comes first. There are only so many hours in the day and I have to make the most of them.

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