Multi-Grain Sweet Potato Chips?



As I was getting dressed today the TV was on and whatever vapid show was playing had a promotion on the screen for some new Multi- Grain Sweet Potato Chips.  The hosts of the show talked about how good these chips were, but no one asked the big question.  Potatoes are not a grain, so where in the world did the multi-grain come from?


North Carolina is a major sweet potato producing state.  I think we might even be first in growing the very nutritious item.  I have learned a lot about sweet potatoes in my life with the Food Bank since they are often a big donation item from farmers that we are so thankful to get.  All on their own they are the best source for beta-carotene and vitamin A, as well having a little protein and not just being a big carb fest.


Since sweet potatoes are already a healthy choice there is no need to screw them up by adding a grain, let alone more than one.  Food manufactures are so driven to market using buzzwords that they think we might be fooled into thinking these chips are healthy by including the all-important “Multi Grain.”


I have made chips and they are not that complicated.  Basically they should have three ingredients, sweet potatoes, oil and salt.  Now we all know potato chips unto themselves are not actually healthy.  It does take an actual bucketful of oil to fry them and lord knows once you eat one really good chip it is next to impossible to stop.  But a sweet potato is much better for you than a white potato so check mark for you if you forgo white potatoes.  But no amount of multi grains dusted on or worse yet pulverized into potato mash and reformed into chips is going to counteract the frying part of making chips.


So for goodness sake stop and pause and think when someone names a product Multi-Grain Sweet Potato Chips how did they get that way?

Body Sabotage

The count down to the end of this weight loss challenge has really begun.  I have five more days to earn as much as possible for the Food Bank and the pledges are still coming in.  I am a long way from $1,000 per pound so the only way to get to $50,000 is to lose as much as possible without doing anything insane like the previously discussed limb removal.

The last two weeks have been very successful, thus giving me hope to bring in the big bucks.  That was before I got on the scale this morning.  I know that no matter what I eat, even when I eat the exact same foods and amounts of food everyday it does not mean that I will decrease.  What I really get furious about is how I can go up despite my best efforts.

Does not my scale know that I am working to feed hungry children?  Why does my body decide it needs to retain something, I hope its water, right at this vital point?  For true confessions, I did eat two corn chips yesterday.  I looked the calorie count up on those and it was 15 calories at the most.  That alone should not cause a weight gain of 1.2 pounds.  Or should it?  Has my body become so virginal that the slightest violation of its purity and it goes into full on whore.

Perhaps I am not praying enough for weight loss.  Not that I would waste my prayers on that, there are many more important things that need some divine intervention.  And my praying is not that inspirational, but perhaps yours is.

I ask that you pray in any way you do whether it is to a god or your dog, that the world becomes a better place, that those who are sick can feel some relief, those who are lonely can find a friend and those who watch TV can get a phone call right as all the political ads are running.

Paraphrasing the words of Evita, “Don’t pray for me, North Carolina.”  But instead, watch me, watch me like a hawk.  Don’t let a chip, or a cookie or a bite of coconut cake near my lips.  Keep me busy, too busy for even water weight to build up in me.  It’s just five more days, five more days to change the world, at least for one small hungry child.

Let’s Change the Situation

One day when my daughter Carter was three, my husband had this conversation with our daughter.


“Carter, what would you like for breakfast?”


“Chips,” Carter replied.


Her daddy looked at her and in that I-want-a-different-answer parent voice said, “Carter, Chips are for lunch.”


Not picking up on his cue, Carter responds, “Well, I’ll have lunch then.”


Sometimes you just have to change the situation to fit the answer you want.


Last night I went to a wonderful event thrown by the Chef’s Academy to benefit the Food Bank.  It was a restaurant chef competition where four chef’s each made a dish and people paid for votes.


Jayson Boyers, the regional president of the Chef’s Academy and fellow Food Bank board member had a goal of raising enough money at the event to donate 100,000 meals to the Food Bank.


After hundreds of people enjoyed lots of good food, none of it being chips, and voted for their favorite dish, the money was totaled.  Jayson was not happy.  He was $5,000 away from his goal.  So what did Jayson do but change the situation.


As he came to the podium with a glum look on his face he apologized for the delay in announcing the winning chef.  Jayson told the giant crowd that he needed $5,000 more to reach his goal and that he himself would donate another $1,000 if he could get anyone else to contribute the remaining $4,000.


Quickly a number of people raised their hands and called out, “I’ll give you a thousand.”  “Me too.”  “I’ll give $2,000.”  The goal was reached — 100,000 meals for hungry neighbors.


Sometimes the answer is so simple even a three year old knows how to do it, when you want something you ask for it.  When you don’t get what you want on the first asking you ask for it a different way, but just keep asking.


So I will ask one more time.  I am trying to get pledges to the Food Bank of $1,000 for every pound I can lose by November 1.  Today I am at $627.75.  My goal is to try and raise $50,000.  If only I could lose 100 pounds I would exceed my goal, but right now I am on track to lose 50.


I could change my situation, but I think that no one would pay for me to cut off my arm in order to lose more weight.  I know so many of you have made generous pledges and thank you.  If you have not pledged please consider doing so, not for me, but for your hungry neighbors.  If you think you have pledged check the supporters tab and look for your name.  If you want to be included among the angels listed there click on the pledge tab.


I am changing my situation my losing weight, you can change the situation of many people by pledging today.