Multi-Grain Sweet Potato Chips?



As I was getting dressed today the TV was on and whatever vapid show was playing had a promotion on the screen for some new Multi- Grain Sweet Potato Chips.  The hosts of the show talked about how good these chips were, but no one asked the big question.  Potatoes are not a grain, so where in the world did the multi-grain come from?


North Carolina is a major sweet potato producing state.  I think we might even be first in growing the very nutritious item.  I have learned a lot about sweet potatoes in my life with the Food Bank since they are often a big donation item from farmers that we are so thankful to get.  All on their own they are the best source for beta-carotene and vitamin A, as well having a little protein and not just being a big carb fest.


Since sweet potatoes are already a healthy choice there is no need to screw them up by adding a grain, let alone more than one.  Food manufactures are so driven to market using buzzwords that they think we might be fooled into thinking these chips are healthy by including the all-important “Multi Grain.”


I have made chips and they are not that complicated.  Basically they should have three ingredients, sweet potatoes, oil and salt.  Now we all know potato chips unto themselves are not actually healthy.  It does take an actual bucketful of oil to fry them and lord knows once you eat one really good chip it is next to impossible to stop.  But a sweet potato is much better for you than a white potato so check mark for you if you forgo white potatoes.  But no amount of multi grains dusted on or worse yet pulverized into potato mash and reformed into chips is going to counteract the frying part of making chips.


So for goodness sake stop and pause and think when someone names a product Multi-Grain Sweet Potato Chips how did they get that way?

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