Let’s Change the Situation

One day when my daughter Carter was three, my husband had this conversation with our daughter.


“Carter, what would you like for breakfast?”


“Chips,” Carter replied.


Her daddy looked at her and in that I-want-a-different-answer parent voice said, “Carter, Chips are for lunch.”


Not picking up on his cue, Carter responds, “Well, I’ll have lunch then.”


Sometimes you just have to change the situation to fit the answer you want.


Last night I went to a wonderful event thrown by the Chef’s Academy to benefit the Food Bank.  It was a restaurant chef competition where four chef’s each made a dish and people paid for votes.


Jayson Boyers, the regional president of the Chef’s Academy and fellow Food Bank board member had a goal of raising enough money at the event to donate 100,000 meals to the Food Bank.


After hundreds of people enjoyed lots of good food, none of it being chips, and voted for their favorite dish, the money was totaled.  Jayson was not happy.  He was $5,000 away from his goal.  So what did Jayson do but change the situation.


As he came to the podium with a glum look on his face he apologized for the delay in announcing the winning chef.  Jayson told the giant crowd that he needed $5,000 more to reach his goal and that he himself would donate another $1,000 if he could get anyone else to contribute the remaining $4,000.


Quickly a number of people raised their hands and called out, “I’ll give you a thousand.”  “Me too.”  “I’ll give $2,000.”  The goal was reached — 100,000 meals for hungry neighbors.


Sometimes the answer is so simple even a three year old knows how to do it, when you want something you ask for it.  When you don’t get what you want on the first asking you ask for it a different way, but just keep asking.


So I will ask one more time.  I am trying to get pledges to the Food Bank of $1,000 for every pound I can lose by November 1.  Today I am at $627.75.  My goal is to try and raise $50,000.  If only I could lose 100 pounds I would exceed my goal, but right now I am on track to lose 50.


I could change my situation, but I think that no one would pay for me to cut off my arm in order to lose more weight.  I know so many of you have made generous pledges and thank you.  If you have not pledged please consider doing so, not for me, but for your hungry neighbors.  If you think you have pledged check the supporters tab and look for your name.  If you want to be included among the angels listed there click on the pledge tab.


I am changing my situation my losing weight, you can change the situation of many people by pledging today.

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