Salmon Tartare on a Baked Beet Chip



I bought a whole side of Salmon, which is just too much for a family of three. After one night of pan sautéed salmon I needed to change up the next salmon meal to try and trick people into eating it.


Nothing could be easier than tarter because it is raw fish cut up and mixed with a few other items. I love tuna tarter with avocado so I wanted to make this a little different than that.


1 pound of Salmon

4 T. capers

2 T. minced Chives

4 T. lemon Juice

Zest of 2 lemons

10 drops of hot chili sesame oil

Black Pepper

Salt if needed if you are eating the tartare straight and not on a salty chip


Baked Beet Chips- Google how to make these or look for a recipe from me later in the week. You can use any kind of chips.


Slice the salmon into ¼ inch slices and then cut it again into ¼ inch pieces

Add all the rest of the ingredients. Let it chill for at least an hour, which will “cook” the salmon in the lemon juice.


If you want you can add diced avocado, shallots, cherry tomatoes, or cucumber.

Orange Balsamic Glazed Salmon

I pan roast my salmon and made this glaze and put it on afterwards.  You could also grill or parch the salmon.  The glaze would be great on chicken or pork too.


This glaze will make enough for four servings


Juice of 1 orange

Zest of 1 orange

3 T. balsamic vinegar

3 T. minced Red onion

3 T. chopped cilantro leaves and stems


Put all the ingredients except the cilantro in a pan and bring to a boil and reduce heat and simmer for 2 minutes.  Add the cilantro and cook one more minute.


Spoon over cooked salmon


To pan roast salmon preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Heat an ovenproof fry pan on high heat on top of stove.  When the pan is very hot spray with Pam and add the fish to the pan.  Cook on high heat for three minutes for fish that is an inch think.  Place the fry pan with the fish in it in the oven and cook another 2-3 minutes.

No Dill Gravalax


My mother started calling me Dana-feed-the-5000 long before I knew there was a biblical reference for that name.  I have the affliction of making too much food whenever I cook.  My reasoning was not just for larger portions, but also for efficiency.  I still contend that leftovers are better than the first eating so let’s make enough to have leftovers.


For a while this summer there was just Russ and myself at home.  My frugal nature caused me to still buy a side of salmon for the two of us.  Even with leftovers a whole side of salmon is too much for two people.  After grilling a portion I decided to cure the other half.  This is an easy process, but it takes a couple of days.  The result is salmon that will keep much longer to stretch out the enjoyment and not cause me to have to throw salmon away.


Gravlax is a Scandinavian salt cured salmon.  Lox is now the generic term for smoked salmon.  I could have made a smoked salmon but it is way more work.  Traditionally Gravlax uses lots of dill.  I have a dislike of dill that is a carryover from my mother’s love of dill in potato salad.  You decide if you want to include it if you want.


Piece of skinless salmon fillet

2 T. kosher salt

2 T. brown Sugar

1 T. whole peppercorns

1 T. fennel seeds

Fresh dill is optional


Grind the peppercorns and fennel up.  I use a mortar and pestle, but you can use a spice grinder or the bottom of a heavy frying pan.  You want to crush them to a large grind.  Add the salt and the sugar and mix the spices together.


Lay out a large sheet of plastic wrap on the counter.  Sprinkle half the spice mixture on the plastic wrap as close to the size of the salmon as you can.  If you like dill, lay fresh chopped dill on top of the spices here. Lay the salmon on top of the spices.  Sprinkle the remaining spices on top of the salmon  (And dill if you want) and then fold the plastic wrap up around it.


Place it in a plastic container that has a lid.  Place in the refrigerator.  Every 12 hours open the container and flip the plastic wrapped salmon over.  Lots of liquid will accumulate in the container.  After two day unwrap the salmon and discard the liquid and wrap.  Wash any spice mixture still on the salmon off.  The more you rinse the salmon the less salty it will be.


Slice it very thinly on the bias to serve it.  I like it with scrambled eggs and tomatoes.