Salmon Tartare on a Baked Beet Chip



I bought a whole side of Salmon, which is just too much for a family of three. After one night of pan sautéed salmon I needed to change up the next salmon meal to try and trick people into eating it.


Nothing could be easier than tarter because it is raw fish cut up and mixed with a few other items. I love tuna tarter with avocado so I wanted to make this a little different than that.


1 pound of Salmon

4 T. capers

2 T. minced Chives

4 T. lemon Juice

Zest of 2 lemons

10 drops of hot chili sesame oil

Black Pepper

Salt if needed if you are eating the tartare straight and not on a salty chip


Baked Beet Chips- Google how to make these or look for a recipe from me later in the week. You can use any kind of chips.


Slice the salmon into ¼ inch slices and then cut it again into ¼ inch pieces

Add all the rest of the ingredients. Let it chill for at least an hour, which will “cook” the salmon in the lemon juice.


If you want you can add diced avocado, shallots, cherry tomatoes, or cucumber.

One Comment on “Salmon Tartare on a Baked Beet Chip”

  1. While this looks delicious I don’t think anyone would be tricked that this isn’t salmon. Embrace the salmon feast, don’t try and hide it. I wish I’d accidentally bought a whole side of salmon. It’s my favourite fish and so good for you too.

    The addition of hot chili sesame oil is interesting I bet it goes great with the lemon.

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