When in Durham

Our day started with a breakfast delivery from the Tom’s because Ellis and her boyfriend Kevin were in town and we had a rare chance to all be together. Kevin and Claire were good sports as we told stories about Carter and Ellis growing up. It was such a treat to have everyone together.

Later in the day we had plans to go to the ball game. When friends come to Durham in the spring you take them to a Durham Bulls. When Carter comes home you definitely take her to the bulls. We have been going to the bulls since she was four months old. It is part of her.

When we got to our seats the long time on-field announcer Jatovi McDuff looked across the infield at Carter and made an “OMG” Face. He looked to me and mouthed, “How can it be?”

We have been buddies with Jatovi for so many years that he still thinks of Carter as being that nine year old girl who, with her friend Ellis, used to scream at Pat the bat boy so he would look at them. Jatovi came over to our seats to give Carter a big hug, meet Claire and the best thing was hug my mother. She didn’t have a choice, he said to her, “we are huggers.”

The game was not the bulls best showing when the Redbirds scored eight runs in the second inning. It felt like it would never end, and that was just the second inning. But it was a beautiful night. The rain had stopped and the sun came out. The park was not too full thanks to the earlier rain.

We didn’t stay until the end, but went to Thai Cafe for dinner to round out the full Durham Experience. We did have to take my mom home and get back to play some fast Mah Jongg. Such a Durham day.

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