Carter and Claire had one last day in Durham. Carter had work so there was that. The one big thing they did was go on a little Durham tour and while out they filled the Land Cruiser with gas and ran it through the car wash!

That was Claire’s idea and it was big. The Land Cruiser had a layer of pollen on it that I was worried would never come off. It was a very thoughtful and kind act for them to do before they left town.

It was so great to have them here. Carter said it was so fun to come home as an adult and that she should do it more often. Since we are at about two visits a year I would love it if she were home more often. I just forget that Boston is her home now.

Shay was particularly sad to see them go. She loved having two dog lovers to fawn all over her. She put the blue ribbon on that came with the gifts Claire brought. It looks particularly good with her brown coat and her pink Hydrangeas.

I think Shay is going to be standing on the front porch looking for Carter for a day or two. I’m with you Shay.

One Comment on “Farewell”

  1. Sheppy Vann says:

    We give them roots and wings and then, strong and firmly grounded, they fly. We celebrate their ability to explore yet we miss them and our parental roles.
    But then we flew away too, so it is appropriate that our children do so. I used to think people were lucky when their kids stayed where they were born, but I came to realize that we should be proud we raised people with enough courage to go out and make their way in a different place. Hooray for Carter and for all our children with wings!

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