A Good 31 Year Start

My friend Karen had been cleaning out her boxes from storage a few months ago in preparation for moving to her new home in New Hampshire. Apparently she came across a trove of photos from my wedding and she put them in a card to send me, then packed the card.

It was uncovered while unpacking at her new place and she sent it to me arriving today, on our 31st anniversary. It is so fun to see new photos to me from this very day 31 years ago when the terribly young Russ Lange changed my life.

If I had to make a prediction on that day of how our life might go I would never have guessed the great adventure it has been. Little did I know we would soon move to North Carolina and set down such strong roots. I might have thought we would have a child named Carter, but could only have hoped to have such a perfect blending of the two of us.

The big thing is I never dreamed of having a husband as supportive, kind and loving as Russ turned out to be. You decide to marry someone and it is hard to know all their potential, let alone that you will grow in compatible ways. I am so thankful Russ took such a big chance on me as I was so different from anyone he had ever met before.

Happy anniversary to the best husband for me I could ever get. Thirty-one years is a good start. Let’s see where we go in the next 31.

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