Eastern North Carolina Tour

Today I started my New Mah Jongg Card Tour of Eastern North Carolina. It’s nothing like a Taylor Swift or Bruce Springsteen Tour. Tickets are not hard to get. You don’t have to go through Ticket masterand there is no up charge. There is also no tour bus or roadies.

Instead it’s me in my little Cmax, tooling down rt. 70 to my favorite small town, Kinston. I am basing this week’s tour out of Kinston since I love these people the most and they are the most hospitable. The fabulous Becky Darst is my hostess this week. She let me know months in advance that she had beat others out in claiming me for which I am eternally grateful. I don’t know if that means she actually drew the short straw, but it is very convenient since she lives so close to the club.

The first class was this afternoon with the band of faithful Kinston Mah Jongg Players. It ended at four and I had a two hour break before my second class of new beginners. In that two hour period I went to Becky’s along with five other friends. Had a yummy early supper together and got all caught up and was back at the club in time to set up for the class.

Not only is Becky putting me up, but throwing a dinner party, and one that started at four is most generous. I should have come right home from the last class and gone to bed, but I stayed up talking to Becky. Now I’ve got to wind down and catch some zzz’s because I am off to New Bern at the crack of dawn for the second small town tour stop tomorrow.

Nothing better than Eastern North Carolina. Taylor Swift or Bruce could not be doing any better.

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