Early Birthday Celebration

My birthday is more than two weeks away, but today I got to celebrate early. My needlepoint group is extraordinary about celebrating each other’s birthdays. Since my birthday is so close to Michelle’s birthday we had a joint birthday party today.

We always have a beautiful cake lovingly made by one of the members. Kathi had called me last week to ask me what my favorite cake was and I said lemon. She seemed to not like my answer and asked me what my second favorite was. I said, “Whatever Michelle wants.” We are talking about cake here, what could be bad.

She didn’t like that answer either and made me give her a second choice. I said, “Chocolate.”

“You know Nancy does not like chocolate cake,” Kathi said.

“Kathi, whatever Michelle wants is fine.”

“Pick another cake.” (Usually the cake is a surprise and I was wondering why I was getting the third degree.”

I was running out of ideas as I didn’t want to say something difficult. So since it is strawberry season I said, “strawberry,” even though it is not close to a favorite flavor.

I saw Michelle at church yesterday and asked her what her favorite cake was, “Lemon.”

I relayed the inquisition from Kathi and we laughed. Both Michelle and I were thrilled when we found out Christy, a superior baker, had made a lemon chiffon cake.

After we had enjoyed it I asked Kathi why she wanted so many cake choices and she said, “I wanted you to be surprised.” I would have really been surprised if it had been funfetti! So glad Michelle and I both love lemon.

One Comment on “Early Birthday Celebration”

  1. beth says:

    Good for you!

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