New Day, New Town

It was a glorious day to visit New Bern, NC. I was lucky enough to be invited to the New Bern Golf and Country Club to give a lecture to a wonderful group of women. I have not taught Mah Jongg in New Bern, but had many familiar faces from the Coral bay club.

For those virgins to my classes the first one can be a little bit of a surprise if you are not used to my animated style. Thankfully these women were not to shocked.

It was a big group of 45 so I needed all the tech to work, which it did not always do, but in-spite of some poltergeist like trouble having slides project the information was conveyed.

After the lecture we adjourned to a lovely lunch overlooking the river and then we got to play some. I love when students I have taught beat me because then I feel like they learned. And beat me they did.

I had to get back to Kinston to teach the evening class. Thankfully they are a darling class. Now I am retired to Becky Darst’s house where I am well taken care of. Thank goodness, otherwise this schedule would do me in.

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