Big Kinston Day

Becky Darst has been a most wonderful hostess to me. We had a free morning since classes were not until the afternoon and evening. We started the day with Becky showing me six of her favorite games. I would have been happy to stay home and play all of them but Becky wanted to give me the big tour of Kinston. First we drove around to see everyone’s houses. If you want a beautiful house move to Kinston because you can get the best house for the best deal.

As we were touring we happened upon my friend Ruth E.’s mother and cousin who were out walking and stopped to say hi and ask how Mah Jongg was going.

Then Becky took me into to town to see the O’Neil hotel which had been her husband’s office when he worked for First Citizen’s Bank. The boutique hotel has seven fabulous rooms with the most wonderful art. I know this because Becky knew the manager who showed us the whole property.

Our favorite room was the one that had twin bunk beds built into a bank vault. Christopher, the manger, could not have been more fun and was kind to show us everything.

Back to Becky’s we went to grab a quick lunch before we went to the club for Mah Jongg lessons. The advanced class lamented plenty about the difficulty of the new card. The night class did not know the difference and everyone in the class Mah Jongged at least once, thank goodness. It made the wins even sweeter for the girls who did it later in the night.

Thanks to all who make my trips to Kinston so memorable. I could not do this without Kristi Blizzard, who was missed today. I also missed Jane Brothers. Just means another trip is in store. I have a whole new group of cute players. Thanks Kinston, your never disappoint.

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