All is Right in the World

At last my Mah Jongg cards arrived. Thank goodness because it was not as much fun to play without a card this morning.

Mah Jongg Christmas, as us gentile Mah Jongg players call the day our new cards come, was not on April 1 as it should have been. I would have thought that the National Mah Jongg League could have gotten cards ordered on January 1 out in a little more timely manner, especially when they raised the price by 50%.

I must say I miss the days when Ruth was alive, god rest her soul. For those who do not know Ruth was the President of the National Mah Jongg League for many years and from the outside it appeared that she ran a tight ship.

I have spend plenty of time analyzing the new card and so far, have written 25 slides for the new card class. I figure I might have at least that many more to go. I will save my opinion of the new card for my class.

Happy playing everyone.

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