It’s Not About Luck

I have gotten to work on my new card curriculum for the 2023 Mah Jongg card. My friend Jan sent me a post that some person wrote about the new card. I was laughing as I read it. She wrote that Mah Jongg was 70% luck and 30% skill.

I don’t know who her teacher is, but she needs a better one, then she would know it’s not in anyway about luck. Mah Jongg is a skill that can be developed. You only say something is that much luck to make yourself feel better when you don’t win.

The one thing I say to all my students is, “You all have the same amount of luck.” It is not usually luck that makes someone win. It is maximizing your opportunities.

How do you do that? It’s making the most of the Charleston. Anyone who stops the Charleston when they don’t have at least 11 or 12 tiles for one hand is not maximizing.

As far as understanding where your opportunities are in the 2023 card, you will have to come to class to learn that. I worked for three hours today on my PowerPoint for the class and have barley scratched the surface. It’s going to be fun.

One Comment on “It’s Not About Luck”

  1. Dara Collins says:

    The 70/30 is mentioned a lot in MahJongg. We invite you to check out our links of tips for the 2023 Card, links to blog posts and more on We created some colorful visuals to clear up some items that we think will be FAQ on the Card. Feel free to share with your students.

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