Waiting, Waiting

My new Mah Jongg cards were supposed to come today according to my USPS Informed Delivery email. So far they are not here. They did not come with my regular mail and the USPS site says they will be here by 9:00PM. I am not sure I believe them.

So I did some other things today. First we went to the farmer’s market and bought strawberries and plants. Strawberries went up in price a huge amount! Plants did too. I brought home some spinach, cilantro, dill and Lactose kale, which I planted.

Then I decided I should start my game table chair needlepoint seats. I drew out the first one on a poster board and then copied just the center onto my canvas. I want to stitch the center first and then add the rest. It’s going to take forever due to the size of the canvas and this is just one of the four.

My glasses give you an idea of the size

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. A friend showed me the new Mah Jongg Card so I started analyzing it in preparation to write my “New Card” class syllabus. This year I am doing it in PowerPoint since I have such large groups in my classes. I pray my cards come soon. It’s hard to be a Mah Jongg teacher without the cards.

I could switch to be a garden or needlepoint teacher, but that’s not as fun.

2 Comments on “Waiting, Waiting”

  1. Dara says:

    Love the new card. Think you will really like some new hands we haven’t seen before. Some really interesting hands!

  2. Jo Parrott says:

    You will be amazing no matter wh

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