Happy Birthday to my “sister” Janet

I am lucky to have a real sister Janet and a great sorority sister Janet. Today is my Pi Phi sister Janet del Valle’s birthday. So to her I want to say a big Happy day!

Sisters are important, be they the ones you had from birth or the ones you chose. I literally chose Janet d. as my sister as I was the membership chairman when she rushed our sorority. Little did I know at the time that I was choosing a friend for life.

We have been together through not just college and those early 20’s years when we were just figuring out who we were, but through weddings, all of them, children, loss of parents, empty nests and now entering the next chapters of our lives.

I am so thankful to have a chosen sister to laugh and reminisce with. To play games and do puzzles together. To share the daily goings on albeit through text, Facebook, and wordle.

I knew from having real sisters, and my Walker’s sister gang that female friends are so important. The proof that college sisterhood endures is how many of my Pi Phi sisters are still my closest friends. It was my twin Pi Phi sister Laura’s birthday two days ago and I cherish her so much too.

So happy birthday to my other Janet. My chosen sister.

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