Yeah for Judy

Some thirty years ago I met Judy when we both worked for my Dad. She worked in the Pawley’s Island office and none of us could survive without her. Judy was one person who could put up with my father and we were in awe with how she did that.

When I retired to have Carter and my Dad more or less retired Russ hired Judy and she worked for him for 25 years. Judy was the best CFO and trusted advisor at Russ’ company, but to me she just got to be my friend since I was no longer working.

Judy retired this year and when she did she asked me if I wanted to go to the Masters with her. Judy grew up in Augusta, still has a place there and has had tickets to the Masters forever. You can imagine my answer was yes in a skinny minute.

Judy, being the most upstanding employee never could invite me to the Masters when Russ was still her boss, but the second he wasn’t…

So today is the day I drove down to Augusta. Judy arrived at her place here about the same time I did. We watched ESPN all afternoon, prepping for my day at the Masters tomorrow. We have a big plan and there is no one better to go with than a pro like Judy. She could answer every question I had, except whether I can wear my Apple Watch. No phones or cameras are allowed, but according to the website smart watches that can’t make calls or take pictures are fine.

We had a lovely dinner and watched Ted Lasso, because once you are on a sports theme you should stay on it.

I am being a terrible guest and going to bed very early. I want to have all my energy cells fully charged for our day, especially since we are going over to the course very early.

I do miss having Judy at Russ’ office as she always had the answers to any of my questions, but I really appreciate just having her as my friend, and such a generous one.

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