Near Perfect Day at the Masters

Going to the Masters with Judy, Master of the Masters was perfect. We were up early and out of the door making the fifteen minute drive to August National in time to get great parking in the B lot. The walking from the car was nice and easy. The weather was warm, but mostly overcast in the morning.

We executed our plan “par”-fectly. Our first stop was at the pro shop where the line to get in kept moving at a steady pace. I was able to purchase all the gifts I could afford, filling two bags, that I regretted when I had to carry them to the car, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The Masters thinks of everything a guest might want, including an excellent check service for all the purchases you make. I was amazed at the men who looked like their bought their wardrobe for the next ten years.

Judy had asked me what my goals for the day were and shopping was checked off, next was seeing as many players as I could and lastly seeing as much of the course as I could.

We started the morning watching a pairing that included Fred Couples as we walked the course to the stands on the green at the fourth hole. On the way there we got some breakfast and then seats at the top of the stands. It turned out to be an inspired place to see most of the players, including Tiger.

The fourth hole is not one of the famous ones, but it turned out to be a formidable hole for many players. Judy and I got to be quite the experts on the hole and predicted with precision who was going to make par and who would go over based on their tee shot. There were many potential birdies that never materialized. In fact we only saw one all day.

We took a break from four to walk the course and the only thing that was not perfect is the lack of color on the course as 90% of the azaleas were already spent. The normally gorgeous 13 hole was just a wash of green without one pink bloom.

It was a treat to see Tiger since it might be his last Masters. The most exciting player was Amateur Sam Bennet making his first Masters’ appearance. I predict great things from him. He arrived at the fourth three under par and held it together to finish the day four under. I also really liked Tom Kim. Of course seeing Spieth, Scheffler, Koepka, Rahm and Day was exciting, but Hovland was a nice surprise to me.

It was thrilling to watch these superior athletes. I am ever thankful to Judy for hosting me. I think I had the pick day of the tournament as the weather is not looking good for the weekend. It will be interesting to see how the tournament ends up.

My day at the Masters checks off a top bucket list item. Thanks, Judy. You are the best.

One Comment on “Near Perfect Day at the Masters”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    I am ‘Mastets’ green with envy.

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