Beat The Teacher Day

After my final Mah Jongg class today I stayed at Coral Bay to enjoy the Mah Jongg Luncheon and game play. There were probably fifty people there. Most had learned Mah Jongg from me, so it was fun to see so many friends. I ate lunch with one table of ten and we laughed about the fact that they secretly played with blank tiles. I continue to encourage people to play standard Mah Jongg and not to make up their own rules. Adding blank tiles to the game makes it a much easier game.

When I explained to them that I wanted them to become expert players and be able to travel anywhere and play with other real Mah Jongg players they agreed that blanks were a handicap. It is a little like riding a bike with training wheels and never taking them off. Also making up your own rules can cause fights because of differing understanding of the fake rules.

After lunch, more people arrived and it was time for game play. Instead of four players at our table we had seven at one time. One was just observing as she had just finished her beginner class. Two were helping other players so they could all try and beat me. As a teacher I want everyone I teach to get good enough that they can beat me. That makes me happy.

We played five hands. Anna Ball and Coles both won a hand. Congratulations to them for such a wonderful accomplishment. They all got a lot of free coaching from me and I hope everyone at my table felt like they went away a better player.

I am thrilled that Mah Jongg continues to be a welcoming and kind game. It makes my heart happy when people cheer for the winners at their table, when they just got beat. Good sportsmanship makes the game more fun for everyone.

One Comment on “Beat The Teacher Day”

  1. Reba says:

    The wait list here for lessons continues to GROW>>>>>>>> and reaches out to everyones hometown as well. Soon the entire state will be playing MAHJONGG :):) It was another GREAT week ! Safe travels!

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