Catching Up

It is wonderful to go to new places and make new friends, especially at my age, but it means I am not home getting to be with my old friends enough. After three great beach days, being hosted by the always generous and kind Reba I came home for a few days before my big month off. I have a lot to do to get ready to go and today I got none of it done.

I started my day with Physically therapy, which I quite frankly wish I could start everyday with. I followed that up with an Al fresco lunch with Stephanie. A lunch was hardly enough time to catch up, especially since she is filling in for me at garden club while I am away, missing the first meeting. I ran home to meet my Decorator’s assistant Sarah to do some work on some window treatments. As soon as she was out the door I sprinted off to needlepoint to pick up some finishing and a canvas.

I wanted to catch up with Needlepoint Nancy, but before I could do that I go a visit in with Lousie who I have not seen in years. Nancy and I had the shop to ourselves after Lousie left and we thankfully got a lot of ground covered before Christine came in the store and we practically squealed we were so happy to run into each other.

We yakked a good half hour and I eventually said she needed to do her shopping so Nancy could close the store. I figure if I were to sit at Nancy’s one day I could probably see most of my friends without going anywhere else.

Tonight Lynn and I went out to dinner as our husbands were out together. Lynn and I have friends’ birthdays to celebrate, but as I will be gone, Lynn may have to start the celebrations and I will finish them. Including her for birthday.

It was a good day to catch up with so many friends, both planned visits and serendipitous meetings. It was so normal it almost felt like 2019. I never thought a day of so many friends in so many different places would ever come again.

One Comment on “Catching Up”

  1. mary pickard says:

    and I am so thankful!!!

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