New Digs for Mom

My mother has done the most wonderful thing. She decided all on her own that now is the time for her to move to a retirement community. Five and a half years ago, when my Dad had a bad heart issue and spent 12 days in the hospital I asked my mother if she would go look at places to live. She agreed, but on the condition that she could not go with my father since he refused to go to anyplace that he did not build.

After he passed away in September, she was not ready and no place she had her name on the list was ready to have her. Earlier this summer Croasdaile called and they had a two bedroom unit if she wanted it. It was not exactly what she was looking for, but she took it anyway. “I’m not getting any younger.” Which is rich since she looks about 65.

She closed on her place last week and is going to move in September. Today Russ and I went over to her apartment and delivered a rug she had picked out. My mom had alerted them that we would be coming and asked that security let us into her unit. They could not have been nicer. The man at the gate knew we were coming. A second man at the door closest to her apartment let us in the building and directed us to the elevator and a third man met us when we got to her floor and led us to her apartment and opened it. Such great service. Everyone could not have been nicer.

We unrolled the rug and it was perfect in her living room. I think it is going to look wonderful with the furniture she is bringing. I know she is going to make lots of friends and play lots of games. Having her in a place with other people to look out for her makes me very happy. I know that moving out of your home is not what everyone wants to do, but being alone is worse. Welcome to Durham Mom. I can tell you it is the best place to live!

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