Small World Smaller

Day two of Beach Mah Jongg lessons went well. The beginner class is ticking along and the strategy class finished strong today. I appreciate that my students enjoy the classes enough to want to take multiple classes. There are not enough days in the year to satisfy all the requests for classes. I just scheduled three more days in Kinston on October 26-28. I got two requests for Raleigh beginner classes that I will announce as soon as we have a location. I have a request for a Durham/Chapel Hill beginner class so if you are interested in learning this fall please contact me. You can do it through the comments on this blog if you want.

After the whirlwind of Mah Jongg My hostess Reba and I got to go out to dinner with two friends, the sisters, Susan and Gwen, who are past students of mime and now Mah Jongg players. We went to Blue Moon in Beaufort, which is owned by my old neighbor Doug Townsend. He was always an enthusiastic guest at my dinner table so I think being a restaurateur is a wonderful thing for him to be doing. We had a yummy dinner.

As we were being seated I noticed Cynthia and Marvin Barnes at the table behind us so I greeted them. Not long after we ordered old Durham friends, Page and George Littlewood came in the restaurant and we had a fun reunion. They introduced us to their neighbor down here. Her name is Annette Williamson.

Annette looked at me and asked if I knew Shannon Ray. Of course I know Shannon, we are old friends from boarding school. Shannon’s father was Annette’s godfather. Shannon had told Annette about me when Annette was moving to North Carolina from Texas. It’s about time we met, even if it was by happen stance.

It was a very busy dinner getting to see so many friends and friends of friends. The world is just a small place.

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