Packed Too Much In

It’s official. I may be too old to wake up at five in the morning. Drive three hours. Teach six hours of class – and still remember to pack my tooth brush. Today is the first day of the last of my summer Mah Jongg classes at Coral Bay. Like all things at the end of the summer, things are starting to dwindle down. There are fewer people at the beach. Kids are gearing up to go back to school. Parents are counting the days until they do.

So it is only fitting after being away all last week, I forgot one of my travel cosmetic bags, with my tooth brush, paste, floss, pain killers, etc. Thank goodness I am staying with my friend Reba who stocks he house better than a Ritz Carlton. She promptly found me a tooth brush, which I must say was also a gum massager and better than my own tooth brush.

Reba made me tea, squeezed me lemon juice and has sweet n’ low all ready for my to have my first iced tea in the morning. Then there is the breakfast spread. All I do is take her out to dinner, which is hardly a fair trade for my Ritz Carlton room.

I am so exhausted I know I will pass out quickly tonight and sleep soundly. I need it since I have six hours of class tomorrow and I must ensure that everyone leaves Mah Jongg Class a bonafide player. I may have packed too much in today, except for my tooth brush.

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