Two Hair Cuts In One Day

This month is crazy. I am teaching seven classes a week that are three hours a class. It doesn’t leave much time for any other activities. Thankfully I have kept one whole day in the week free. Today I was not teaching until three, doing back to back classes ending at nine. I have to leave home at 1:45 to get there and set up and get home around 9:45.

With the morning free I had booked two haircuts today. One for Shay and one for me. Shay was in much more need than I was as she as switching groomers again! I wish that my hairdresser Suzanne did dogs because then I know it would be good.

My hair cut takes about twenty minutes including the wash and blow out. Shay’s takes all day. Russ thankfully had ten minutes between clients to go pick her up. I got home and was met by the totally buzzed puppy with the world’s skinniest legs. I knew she had mats and was going to have to be clipped like she was in basic training. I just wish that when I came out of a hair cut my legs looked half as thin as Shay’s.

She is as exhausted from her day of beauty as I am from my day of teaching. So it’s right to bed for the two of us. The only difference is I have to be up and out to go back and teach by 7:45 in the morning and she can sleep in tomorrow.

2 Comments on “Two Hair Cuts In One Day”

  1. Pat Thomaier says:

    Hello Dana, I’m not sure if a reply will get to you, but I don’t see another way to make contact. I am looking for a class and wonder if you have any upcoming that I might attend. I live in Raleigh, near the airport and also spend time in Oriental, just east of New Bern. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Kind regards, Pat Thomaier 919 740 9739

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