Slur Overkill

I got a call recently from a woman older than I am who was interested in taking one of my classes. She said that where she lives we a “bunch of Nazis” who won’t let her into their group until she has taken a class. I couldn’t immediately find her a space in any of my classes, but told her I would get back to her.

A while after the call I thought about what she said. Calling a group you want to join “a bunch of Nazis” made me wonder why you want to join them in the first place. Still bothered I realized that I no longer call anyone other than actual Hitler contemporaries Nazis or Neo-Nazis, who self identify as scum bags.

I am not known for political correctness, but I do feel like there is hardly any group that warrants the comparison with Nazis. With all the Holocaust deniers I don’t want to water down what being a real Nazi was in history. Just because someone is not letting you join a group does not in anyway compare them to Nazis.

I know in my past I have called someone I just disliked a Nazi and now I regret the imprecise slur. I am certain whomever I identified that way was not out to cleanse the earth of anyone they did not deem worthy so the hyperbole was so overkill that using it somehow cheapens what real Nazis did.

I am not saying anything bad about the stranger who called me and used the term. It was just the first time it hit me that it felt insensitive to what real Nazis have done and neo-Nazis are tying to do now. As the world gets mor polarized I am becoming much more concerned about fascism so I am going to try and not call anyone who is actually not one a Nazi.

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