It’s a Dog House

My dear friend Lane, who is also the worlds best decorator, came over today and brought me about fifty fabrics to look at for recovering my living room furniture and new window treatments in the dining room. Shay was most excited to see Lane as she is one of the all time great dog lovers.

After some good snuggles Shay set herself up on the sofa as Lane and I played with fabric memos. As much as I would love to have some white furniture to pop in my green living room, Lane, with four dogs and two white sofas knew better. It’s not just dogs that are bad for white sofas, but also husbands.

We decided on some beautiful choices because they were in stock and Lane found ways to make things work, even if the required yardage was not available. Oh, the joys of a real professional decorator and not just someone who thinks they have good taste and resale license. Lane understands about repeats in fabric patterns and welting and all the technical parts of upholstery. Between the two of us working together for 25 years, Lane’s extensive knowledge and my decisive nature, fabric knowledge and color training we can redo a room in record time. Well, we can pick everything out fast, getting craftsman to do the work is another story, but Lane has that covered too.

After Lane left, I came back to the living room and found Shay, atop a needlepoint pillow, leaning against another pillow. Thank god Lane knows this is a dog house and brought fabrics that are dog friendly. It’s all well and good to redo the furniture, but we all are going to sit on it and use it so it’s got to hold up for the next 25 years like the last ones did.

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