Sock Advice

In a fight against consumerism and what that does to the planet, in 2019 I took a vow not to buy anything new for myself unless it was a consumable. So no new clothes, or shoes, but yes to toothpaste and mascara. It was a breeze. I didn’t miss buying anything. I had plenty of everything I could ever need. Not buying “stuff” made me very happy.

2020 began and I was I free to buy what I wanted, but other than some underwear, I didn’t buy anything. Then COVID lockdown hit and I really didn’t need ANYTHING. I had plenty of workout clothes not to work out in, but to wear doing puzzles, needlepointing and making quilts.

Of course the pandemic has lasted way longer than any us ever thought and I have not gone in a clothing store in three years now. You might look at me and say, “Yeah, I can tell.” But, for the most part I don’t really care.

Some things I need I can order online, but there is one thing I wear that I have always gone to the store to buy, short black socks. I am very particular about my socks. I like them to be very soft, but at the same time stay up easily. I usually like to buy six or nine of the same kind at the same time so when I wash them they all match each other. Black socks can fade so I don’t like to match an old sock with a new sock.

I don’t want any socks that look like this

Now here’s my dilemma… I can’t tell online if socks fit my criteria and as of right now I can’t think of stores that are still in business that sell the kind of socks I like. I don’t want to order a bunch of random pairs. I hate sending packages back, especially if it’s just a pair of sock. So I am soliciting advice on sock brands you like and why.

I am a little late in the season to even care about this. In a month I will probably stop wearing black socks and will move to no or only white tennis socks, which I have a great source for. Certainly I can make it through winter with my current stash, but I am noticing some places where a big toe might be wanting to break through. I really don’t want to darn old socks, I’m not that frugal. I’m just particular.

One Comment on “Sock Advice”

  1. Rayner says:

    Cuddle Duds are the softest!

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