Marriage Management Points

Russ showed me Kim and Penn Holderness’ latest song about what Mom wants most for Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t ever watched one of their videos they are good for a giggle.

Here is the link to this song.

Russ showed it to me because it puts to music our whole marriage. I don’t want expensive gifts, I’d rather have him do the laundry. In our family gifts or acts of service get you positive marriage management points. There are also negative marriage management points, from forgetting an Anniversary (not as if that has ever happened) to putting a wet glass on a wood table without a coaster, (hasn’t happened in years.)

Here is the thing about marriage management points. Positive things, that get you good points, have a shelf life, the bigger the act the longer the life. Negative points are like uranium, they never expire. So a spouse has to work extra hard to over come negative things, maybe a lifetime.

Thankfully Russ learned early on about the point system and has avoided the negative territory. I have remained above water thanks to cooking. But watching the Holderness song I see the point system is alive and well at their house.

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