Mah Jongg Therapy

Today at class seven of the week my cute student brought Mah Jongg cups and cocktail napkins for the whole class, including one for me, the teacher. It was very sweet of her to include me. This class is made up of a group of twelve good friends so they are so nice to each other. Usually groups that come pre-formed don’t think of me as part of there pack, as I am the hired help. But sweet Rachael included me.

Last week a blog reader friend, Mary, responded to a Mah Jongg blog that she had been having headaches and memory issues for a very long time since having Covid, pre-vaccine, early in the pandemic. She told me that she finally was seen at a post Covid clinic and they prescribed her playing Mah Jongg to help get her brain function back to normal. Unfortunately she is in Boston so she can’t take lesson with me, but she did find a class there.

All that being said, I was wondering if now I could bill insurance to teach people Mah Jongg? Maybe I could get some medical title, not Doctor, since I don’t want to go back to school for eight years, but perhaps therapist?

I do tell my students that I physiologically analyze them by the way they organize their tiles, but I offer not remedies for issues so it is not therapeutic. I really just do it to understand how they think so I can teach them in a way that they can learn best.

As for my class today, who brought me a present, they are all getting A’s. Who says you can’t sweet talk the teacher.

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