NO, Not Limes!

As if inflation, transport problems and lack of workers are not bad enough, apparently Mexican Cartels have branched out from drugs to limes now. Mexico is where many limes are grown is also home to so many organized crime groups, who realized they could terrorize lime growers and demand graft from them and is much less risky than moving drugs. Consequently, limes are in short supply right now and thus the prices have gone way up.

I have never been in the market for heroin or whatever drugs the Mexicans control, but limes are a staple at our house. I can grown lots of different fruits and vegetables to avoid the cartel, but not limes. I guess I could get an indoor lime tree, but I feel like it is a multi years commitment before I got enough limes to satisfy my needs. They also are going after the avocado growers too, but at least we have California avocados. I can live without avocados, but limes are imperative for my all-day iced tea. Damn those Mexican criminals.

One Comment on “NO, Not Limes!”

  1. beth says:

    don’t take my limes, cartel!

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