Senators, Be Leaders, Not Politicians

As I watch the impeachment hearings I am dismayed to learn that there are fifteen Republican senators who are not even in the room listening. I know that impeachment is a purely political trial, but an idea came to me that could turn it into a trial about leadership.

It would be a very bold move if all the Republican Senators got together and decided to vote as a block to impeach Trump. It would take the political out of the trial, but instead make it about leadership. Upholding our democracy is the most important thing the Senators must do. If they all voted together to stand up to the insurrection it would give them all cover.

Yes, some Trumpers will cry about it, but for Republicans the only hope of saving your party is to stand together against the clearly illegal events of January 6 that Trump is uniquely responsible for.

Consider what not voting for impeachment as a block will do to your party. You will lose even more members than the 140,000 people who have already gone to the trouble of leaving the party. You may break into two parties. Those who support Trump and those who don’t. Two smaller parties will not serve you well in the long run. Trump does not have a bright future as there are still other legal troubles he has to face. If you want to retain any power whatsoever you should stand up to him as one group. He can’t fight all of you. You hold the power to do the right thing and protect America.

Senators, please be leaders and not just politicians. You are stronger as a leader.

One Comment on “Senators, Be Leaders, Not Politicians”

  1. Debi says:

    You’re so right.
    I just wish those politicians were all subscribers to your blog.
    They would really learn a thing or two!

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