The Evidence is Damning

Perhaps you were working on January 6 and were not glued to the TV like I was watching the insurrection live. Perhaps you voted for Trump and have stood by him. Perhaps you are a life long Republican and automatically pull that lever without considering anything else. If you are not enraged by the video shown today at the impeachment trial showing the mob battering Capitol Hill police, perhaps you are not human.

There was nothing patriotic or American about what those people did. There was nothing Patriotic about the man who systematically spent months programming his supporters to storm the Capitol. And now the Senators who are not paying attention, or putting their feet up on the chairs next to them while videos are shown of the Capitol being desecrated are not doing their jobs.

There is no excuse not to fully consider the evidence. Support of this ex-President because you are afraid he will primary you is nothing but cowardly. You should be afraid of not standing up to a bully because we will remember who you are that stand by him despite the overwhelming evidence of causing and insurrection.

You may think you live in a strongly Red state, but at some point citizens will turn on you and say your lack of values does not represent me. Please pay attention to the presentation of the case. Judge the evidence fairly and not through the red lens of Trump. His actions were indefensible and do you want to stand on the wrong side of history by supporting him?

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