Trump Setting Up Legal Malpractice Claim

If you missed day one of the impeachment hearings you missed one of the greatest shows of a lawyer who was out of his depth in Bruce Castor, in my humble opinion. Never in my life have I see someone so unable to tell a story. Now he didn’t have much to work with given the facts in evidence as we all witnessed on January 6. And he admitted that he was not going to say what happened at the Capitol was not horrible, but what he did say was the worst word soup of garbage that made no sense whatsoever. I can imagine that there are a lot of broken fake gold statues at Mar-a-lago right this minute.

The follow up lawyer Schoen tried to mke some actual legal arguments, but in doing so made it perfectly clear that Trump legally already lost the election so you know that is not the story Trump wants told either.

On the other side of the room were the House impeachment managers who did a masterful job of laying out the story. The thirteen minute movie boiling down the events of January 6 should make us all furious. There is so much clear evidence of insurrection.

The part of the presentation that had me sobbing was when Chief House Manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin closed with a personal note. Raskin had buried his only son on January 5, but came to work on January 6 because “it was his constitutional duty to certify the electors.” He brought his youngest daughter who was 24 and his new son-in-law who is married to his oldest daughter so they could witness the peaceful transfer of power. They asked if it was safe for them to go and Raskin told them, “Of course, it is the Capitol.”

Raskin’s kids were in the gallery when the intruders stormed the building. They were not with Raskin as he was rushed from the house floor. For almost two hours they were separated, hiding in different places from the mob. When they were reunited, Raskin promised his daughter that the next time she came to the Capitol is would be safer and she said, “I am never coming here again.”

I burst into tears. How can we let the desecration of the seat of democracy stand? Adults should not fear going to our Capitol. The most important thing we can do is to not allow any President to incite mob riots on their behalf.

I fear that Trump’s hold on the GOP senators will prevent them from holding him accountable for what is clearly the worst crime. Even if they do, I fear that Trump can claim incompetent council based on today’s opening statements.

One Comment on “Trump Setting Up Legal Malpractice Claim”

  1. beth says:

    This is absolutely heartbreaking

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