Trifecta of Holidays

This weekend has three minor holidays to chose from and since we have nothing else to do we might as well have some minor celebrations.

Today is Chinese New year. Thank god the year of the rat is over as I hate rats and I hated last year. Tonight starts the year of the Ox, which happens to be my birth year. As a Taurus born in the year of the OX I get a double dose of all Ox like traits, like stubbornness, but also hardworking and honest. If you haven’t had dinner yet, make some longevity noodles or dumplings. You can still do it tomorrow. It’s celebration weekend!

Today is also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, thus no discussion about the impeachment in honor of the greatest Republican. Although Lincoln’s birthday is no longer an official holiday, Monday is Presidents’ Day. Washington’s Birthday is the following Monday and the two of them got smushed together into one Presidents Day. But let’s be clear, we are not celebrating all Presidents. Buchanan does not get to get in on this holiday.

Sunday is the biggest day this weekend since it is Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day, if you are single. Russ and I have been together for enough Valentine’s days that we don’t exchange big gifts. Russ feels a little burned since our first Valentine’s Day he gave me a lens for a camera I did not like. It crushed him, especially since it was too extravagant a gift for young Russ to afford to begin with.

Now we are so romantic that when I has having trouble getting the automatic garage door to go down to day he texted me, “For Valentine’s Day we can give each other a rewriting of the opener.” It’s better than a lens since I open and shut that garage door many times a day.

So I hope you celebrate something this weekend. At least eat something that could be considered part of one of these holidays, from stir fried green beans (green food means money), to lobster for valentines or a Cherry Pie in honor of George Washington and that pesky tree.

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