Gotta Love Jill

While I was glued to the impeachment proceedings Jill Biden was signing her giant heart Valentine messages to the country. The hearts were put up on the White House lawn and Jill showed Joe yesterday on their early morning walk of the first dogs.

What a wonderful reflection of our first family. Out with their dogs before going to work, enjoying their coffee and sending sweet messages of love and unity to the country.

Now that the hearings are over we can concentrate on unity. We don’t need to suffer the embarrassment of personal injury lawyers from Philly and their client any more. They can go home and try and collect their fees. Good luck with that.

We can all move on and follow the words of Joe Neguse, the youngest house impeachment manager, who in his closing said he is following the words of Dr. Martin Luther King and chose Love. So between Jill and Joe N. we are reminded we all need to give a lot of love. Jill is portraying that love to everyone and I hope we all can feel it.

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