Valentine’s Gone to The Dog

Like most Pandemic days, Russ and I were home alone with Shay for Valentine’s Day. As with most Pandemic days Shay spends her day supervising all that Russ does. I am a mere after thought for her. The only time she leaves him and comes to be with me are those few moments he goes to the office once a week to water the plants.

Since it is Valentine’s Day, Russ and I purposely planned to spend some time together, despite Russ having lots of work. Shay had other ideas. While Russ and I tried to watch a taped episode of This Old House, Shay made sure to place herself right between us. If Russ tried to hold my hand, Shay nuzzled her nose right inside our two hands, prying my hand off.

She sat on Russ’ lap, on his chest, on his head. Any place she could send the message, “You belong to me first and foremost.” So this was really a happy Valentine’s Day from Shay to Russ. The love is real. Thank goodness I am secure in my love for Russ for I could never compete with Shay’s adoration. I understand. He is pretty great. I don’t blame her from wanting him to be her Valentine too.

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