Give Deplorables Their Own Country

Four years ago Hillary took a lot of heat for calling a group of American’s “Deplorables.” She didn’t name any names or put photos up of who they were, but we all knew they existed. The racists, homophobic, misogynistic, science haters, lovers of being uneducated. Then the deplorables got behind Trump as one of their own and took over the White House. Now I am not saying that everyone who voted for Trump is a deplorable, but do consider if you had to go on vacation with the people who voted the way you did would you have a good time?

So today my friend Eric posted a video of a woman who reportedly was from North Carolina in a restaurant recently. She was getting food to go and was not wearing a mask indoors, which is the law here now. She got called out for it by another customer inside the restaurant and went on a raging tirade saying Americans don’t wear masks. She ended her potty mouth rant with “Trump 2020.”

To me she is the exact definition of a deplorable. No concern for anyone else and screaming like she is in the right to not follow the rules and be a decent human being.

I posted on Eric’s page that this woman does not represent all of North Carolina, but I would consider starting up a fund to have her move somewhere else.

Perhaps one of the very red states who love Trump so much would want to become The country of Trump, actually it’s own country. We could help them out by moving people like this woman there and Trump could be the dictator of his own nation. It might cost us a little to do this, but I would be willing to pay to live in a deplorable free state.

Watch the woman and you decide if you would like to be in the same club as her. I don’t even want to be in the same state as her.

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