Christmas in July

Southerners are known for pushing the limits when it comes to Christmas. The only people I know who decorate their wwwhhhooollleee houses during the holidays are southerners. Southerners often will have theme Christmas decorations that change from year to year. That is an expense I can not afford.

The most organized Christmas lovers have their shopping done in August. Gifts are wrapped in September and they are planning their holiday meals in October. Leaving November open for decorating and baking. That way every moment in December is available for celebrating.

Given some southerners love of all things Christmas it should not have come as a surprise when I got an email from Southern Living encouraging Christmas Cookie baking now. July, five full months before baby Jesus birthday.

I don’t care if you have a cryogenic freezer, it is too early to make cookies for Christmas. It is even too early to make cookie dough. I know that Southern Living is just trying to find something to write about given all the crap that is going on. They can’t write about travel or throwing a party, so the only thing left is baking. Sure, plenty of people have already baked their weight’s worth in bread in the last four months, so why not turn to cookies?

King Arthur Flour reports they sold more flour in April than they do during the baking season (Thanksgiving and Christmas, in case you live under a rock). At the rate people are baking we are not going to have any flour left come the baking season.

Don’t fall for this push for Christmas cookie production now. It just means you will eat all those cookies before we even get to Labor Day. You might want to go ahead and stock up on cookie decorations now, because I will bet you three dozen gingerbread men we are still going to be home at Christmas and you are going to be needing activities to do with kids then, like now.

If you want to get started practicing your cookie making why don’t you try and make some flower cookies. Just don’t bake something you save for five months and then give away. Unless you are trying to get rid of that friend or relative.

One Comment on “Christmas in July”

  1. Carol Shepard says:

    I saw the same email…made me think of my cookie exchange…not this year with Covid…hopefully in 2021.


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