Velveteen Puppy

In anticipation of losing my in-house groomer, Carter gave Shay a big time haircut. It’s hot and Shay’s coat had grown thick and was on the verge of getting mats. Since we lost our paid groomer, I bought sheers in March and Carter has taken care of all Shay’s beauty needs.

It has been wonderful, but now Carter is returning to Boston. Thankfully she cut Shay very close so I will have at least two months to learn to cut her hair myself.

I have gotten to be an expert cutting Russ’ beard with the trimmers so hopefully I can take care of Shay. Now her hair is so short her coat is like velveteen. It has to be so much cooler for her, but she looks a little bit like a character out of a Harry Potter novel. She is not complaining because we are petting her constantly with this short soft coat.

Shay does not realize how much she is going to miss Carter because she is a much better groomer than anyone else in this house. I know how much I will miss Carter.

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