Out of Character

I’m not sure what is going on at my house. Perhaps that comet in the sky is affecting my family. Before dinner Carter asked us if we wanted to play the Ticket to Ride game. This is a practically unheard of occurrence. Normally I have to beg Russ and Carter to play a game with me and usually it only happens if there is a power outage and all the batteries have been drained from every device in the house.

Not only did Carter ask, but Russ agreed to it before I had a chance to say a word. I feel like they know that I have a terminal disease that they are not telling me about and are just humoring me in my last days.

This is Carter’s last 36 hours at home until the holidays, but offering to play a game seems a little out of character. I did buy her some wine to take back to Boston, but she is 21 and has a full time job and can buy her own wine. She can’t be buttering me up to send her to Paris since no one is going to Paris this year. (Oh, what I would do to go to Paris without other Americans there, but I digress.)

I don’t know the reason, so I am just going to have to enjoy this momentary game playing event. Once Carter is gone Russ will not volunteer to do this. Carter is just trying to make me miss her even more.

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