Slowing Productivity

Russ hit the Christmas present giving jackpot with me when he gave me a puzzle of the month club this year. That was before we even had an inkling that we would be stuck at home for weeks on end.

I chose the 2000 piece program wanting to have the most difficult puzzles to work on. The first one arrived in February and I took almost the whole month to complete it. At the very beginning of the suggestion to social distance I passed it on to my friend Mary Lloyd. Right on time my next one arrived in the mail.

It was a harder one of ice cream with not many hard edged color lines. I started slowly and thank goodness I did because about two weeks ago I got notice that the puzzle company was stopping work and my shipments won’t pick back up until the stay at home order is lifted.

I really slowed down my work. Some days just putting in a couple of pieces. It was hard on me to walk away from a puzzle dying to be solved. Yesterday, with maybe only 100 pieces left I couldn’t take it anymore and I went ahead and finished it up. There it was, many ice creams, none of which was able to eat. Puzzle done.

So today with no new puzzle I sorted my socks. Not half as much fun as a puzzle. I am not to be pitied for I have plenty of old puzzles I can pull out, but it’s not the same as a virgin puzzle, never solved before. Just my general productivity seems to be waning and my spices are already alphabetized.

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