Refrigerator Management

Now that we only go to a store once a week managing what’s in the fridge has become an actual job. At least it is something to do. With Carter home we need to have different choices as she likes to eat new food at each meal, where Russ and I could eat the same thing over and over and not care much. One on going problem in our house is that I have trouble cooking small amounts so we always have leftovers. There are dozens of container of leftovers. This is why management is an issue.

Understanding all that this is how the conversation went at dinner tonight.

Russ, after finishing his rice bowl: I only finished one container from the fridge tonight.

Carter: I finished one container of cheese at lunch.

Dana: I didn’t finish any containers and sorry I add two new ones tonight.

Carter: Shit, a net zero change in containers today.

I am not sure I see a change in our situation anytime soon. Now I am using containers to grow new food from the scraps of old vegetables. I am hoping to add some Romain to the fridge in two weeks.

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