Stitching Table Advisors Go High Tech

Today my friend Kate got our needlepoint gang of Stitching Table Advisors together for a Zoom. Seven of our group were able to join. None of us were wearing makeup and most of us were wearing clothes you could go to the grocery store in. We missed our advisors who were unable to join and hope they know that they can join us without video next time if they don’t want to be seen.

Not being able to sit around the needlepoint table is one of the things I actually miss. Learning what people are reading or watching all while we stitch is a joy. Sharing recipes or advice in our multi-generational group means I always learn something. Zoom is good, but I have not learned how to lay beads into a canvas on Zoom.

One of the things I learned today from Needlepoint Nancy is it is a good idea to get your finished canvases into her early this year. The finishers are going to be swamped with all the works people are doing during the stay at home period. Nancy is still taking orders and mailing people threads and fibers they need. She can order you canvases and pull threads. We need to make sure that Chapel Hill Needlepoint stays in business for the long haul.

Now is the time to make that Christmas Stocking for the one family member who still doesn’t have one. Stitching is a comforting thing to do when you have little control in other parts of your life. It is basically coloring with yarn, but unlike a coloring book you have an heirloom when you are done.

My heirloom is the gang of Stitching Table Advisors. Looking forward to our next Zoom and even better when we can sit around the table together again.

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