He Is Risen, Just At Home

Easter is a favorite of mine. My parents usually come for Church and Easter lunch with our friends the Toms. Usually I am the lector at church on Easter, which ensures a I have a good seat. My favorite part of the Easter service is our Church Brass Ensemble which plays all the hits beautifully along with a Monica on the Organ. We sing the same Hymns year after year and I can sing loudly because I am drowned out by better singers around me in the choir.

This year was different. My parents stayed at the farm. We got up and watched the streaming of our church service on the big TV in the gathering room of our house. Monica had played many Hymns which were filmed by Anne Vann weeks ago when people were allowed out. There was no Brass Ensemble. Our three ministers were filmed in their back yards, by their family members. We had all the parts of the service we normally would, but just with birds singing in the back ground.

I have a disdain for televangelists. Mostly because I had many of them as customers when I sold mail opening machines. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker all were my customers. As a I trained their employees to use my machines I would see millions if not billions of dollars of checks from little old ladies with shaky hand writing being sent into their “ministries.” It seemed more like a scam to earn money than a real Christian way help the world.

Today as I watched my ministers on my TV I felt comforted. Suddenly I had a change of heart about church and TV together. One of our newer ministers Alex came across on TV in a big way. It was not about the TV but about the message. Cherie, our newest minister dId the children’s message using the story of the Grinch which was a perfect corollary for this time. I texted Chris our head pastor to not leave us for TV after he gave a beautiful sermon. The thing about having them big as life on 80 inches of plasma is I felt like they were talking just to me.

In the end It did not matter if I was at church with my friends and family. It did not matter if we had on our Easter clothes. I got the message. He is risen, he is risen indeed. I got the Easter people feeling, I just got it at home.

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