Making Masks for a Food Bank Donation

At the end of March when it became apparent that all of us need to wear masks out in public I went to my sweat shop to make a mask. A couple of friends and family members with great needs for masks asked me if I could make masks for them too. I took stock of my supplies. As I am a big collector of quilting material I had more than enough high quality cotton perfect for masks. What I was missing was enough elastic.

Immediately I went online to order some 1/4 inch elastic banding. As a I searched through Amazon finding everything sold out I did not realize I was accidentally ordering hundreds of yards for future delivery. A few days later a friend sent me 20 yards which was enough to make the masks that had been requested of me.

As I was looking at my Amazon orders for something else I discovered my mistaken multi orders for elastic which I was unable to stop. So today the first bolt of banding arrived. Now I am back in the mask making business. I have orders for three masks that I will make tomorrow. If you need a washable well fitting mask I am taking requests. I am not charging for them, but ask you to make a generous donation to the Food Bank of CENC in exchange for the mask.

I am happy to mail them to you or drop them off if you are local. Since Carter is home and I share my sweat shop space with her my time is limited as to how fast I can make masks. I can give you an estimate as to delivery time. I won’t me taking hundreds of orders so I will have limits as to how many I can offer, but as more elastic arrives I will resume sewing. I do want my friends and family to wear good quality masks to protect yourselves the best you can.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home.

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